How you manage to keep our servers online?

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We keep wondering how you manage to keep our servers online.

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I don’t claim to have any inside knowledge of the DreamHost business plan, but I suspect that they are willing to forgo the first years profit in order to gain a new customer, hoping to make a profit from them in the future.

DreamHost has been running their promo-code system for quite a while now and, given their recent growth, I think it is working out well for them. :slight_smile:


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Like Mark, I have no “inside knowledge” but have seen DH staff remark in the past that they want the “long term” customer.

As long as they have sufficient resources, it seems they are willing to heavily subsidize your first year’s hosting in expectation that you will be happy and continue to host with them in subsequent years at their “regular” (still very reasonable) rates.

It seems to be working. In my case, when I signed up there were no such “promo codes” but I’m still here, and happy, 8 years later…they can make money on that! :wink:


I would be interested in seeing figures showing how long the average person stays with a particular host. Given the often problematic experience of changing hosts, I suspect that most people, having found a suitable host, tend to stay there, unless something fairly serious happens.

I know that I would need a very good reason to move from DreamHost, a slightly lower price or a bit more space/bandwidth wouldn’t be nearly enough for me to contemplate leaving.

Wow, that’s longer than the average marriage. :wink:


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Short term they won’t make anything in the first year. I imagine though that in the first year this is when a new user uses the least resources and comes nowhere near their usage allowances which would minimise the loss a bit (unless someone transfers a site for the reason that they need high allowances). If someone does leave in the first year they likely haven’t actually used a ot of resources.

From a long term point of view the more users they have the more resources tey need to supply, the more they supply the cheaper it gets as they can negotiate better deals on bandwidth etc. The promo codes help gain the customers needed to make this happen.

There are also other little ways they can make money such as extra domains, static IP, security certificates. These are extra and I’m sure there is a small profit on them.

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Thanks for your explain.
I would like to select DH in next year if it have better performance.

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I think it’s also worth noting that most other big web hosts pay big money for referrals. They also make little or no money on new customers in the first year.

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Think of it as an advertising expense. At least they’re guaranteed a minimum return on every use of a promo code, which isn’t the case with many other forms of advertising.

Look at businesses that dump tons of money into sending out flyers to mailing lists, where they’re not even guaranteed a single sale. TV commercials, radio, etc… not cheap.

Then, you have the people that just go to the site & sign up, without a code. Add them in with the people that have been here for years at full price and those that renew… and I think it’s safe to say they’re doing alright. :wink:

Not to mention, there are hosts much smaller than them that pay out more than $97, making what they do no look so crazy.

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what performance are you expecting?

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They don’t. My site (well, the domain name) becomes inaccessible about once a week. I’m currently trying to figure out how I can safely move my stuff, and get a refund from these jokers. I would strongly suggest NOT going with Dreamhost!!!

I don’t see how they are “jokers”, as my sites have been running just fine - minus the small hiccups with the spacey cluster the last 2 weeks, which were quite tolerable.

It sounds to me like you really just don’t care to actually work with them, are just want to take the easy way out.

But, to each his own, and if reliability is what you seek then I strongly suggest looking into a dedicated hosting solution that offers a SLA.

which server are you in? Did you contact DH support?

If you consistantly have this problem, you can ask DH support to move you to another server. Most of the time, it will solve the problem.

Hope you can get your problem solved as soon as possible. Good luck!

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Meh…this sounds familiar…a poster never heard from before shows up to kvetch cause he can’t reach his site once a week. No discussion of support failing him, or a published url. No way to know if his own connectivity is borking things for him “once a week”, or whether the problems he is having are DH’S fault or not.

We are all just supposed to take his word for it, and sympathize with him…even though, by his own admission, something as simple as how to move his sites and get a refund is some he is “currently trying to figure out”.

These things are “Web hosting 101”; if he has to “try to figure out” these things, with all the web as a library and DH’S refund policy clearly stated in several places I’m not about to give him any credibility."

I’m sympathetic with everyone whose site is “down”, but a great many that are reported to be in that condition simply “aren’t down”, but other connectivity problems,.

dtb, post back with some details, tell us how badly DH tech support treated you as you tried to work things out with them, and explain what “becomes inaccessible about once a week” translates to in real downtime statistics (and that the problem was identified to be a DH issue), and I’ll be the first to be sympathetic…until then… meh.


I would say it my actually be feasible for them to do so, let’s take the $22.4 for a year, divide that by 12 gives you just $1.86 a month, then let’s say there are about 100 users on a single server, 1.86*100 gives them an income of $186 a month, and I suppose that is possibly around a break even/small loss figure, then take into account the people paying $8/$10 a month; that gives them a fair bit of revenue per server.


I’ve used various web hosts over the last 12 years (working at a hosting company for 4 of them), and currently have several non-commercial domains hosted with DH. It does have a lot more downtime than other hosts I’ve used, which isn’t a major problem for me. However based on the last 12 months’ performance, my main site and email facilities will continue to be hosted elsewhere.

PS When something does go wrong, it would help to have an alternative way of contacting Support if the support page isn’t available… as has been the case for me recently when i’ve been trying to report that half my sites have been down (for up to a couple of days?) with a “bad_httpd_conf” error.

Fine, I’ll take back the “jokers” comment; that was rude and uncalled for. However, whenever I’ve attempted to access either my site or my CVS repository in the past few months, they’ve been inaccessible far more than they’ve been accessible. I switched to an ISP because I figured they could keep my site/repository accessible better than I could (I’m a software developer, not a sysadmin), but thus far that’s not been the case. Perhaps I should at some point look at a dedicated hosting solution… however, I don’t think that general reliability is an unreasonable expectation even with a shared hosting account.

(from patricktan
"which server are you in? Did you contact DH support?

If you consistantly have this problem, you can ask DH support to move you to another server. Most of the time, it will solve the problem.

Hope you can get your problem solved as soon as possible. Good luck!")

Thanks, patricktan. I was on koolaid, and was as a result of this particular incident moved to redbull. So far so good; I’m really hoping that solves the problem. If it does, I’ll be happy to revisit this forum to verify that it has.

whatever. Sorry for not originally providing the details you seem to require; see my other response to you if you really do care about the details. And if you truly have a problem with someone who “shows up to kvetch cause he can’t reach his site once a week”… exactly what type of uptime do you expect of an ISP?


You seem to be a decent fellow who’s had some frustrating experiences of late and, unfortunately, chose to vent those frustrations by gumming up some existing threads and creating your own off-topic threads in an inappropriate forum.

I’m pretty sure that that is the reason for any animus created by your posts. As I said, your feelings of frustration are reasonable. I get very frustrated myself when my sites are down.

I choose to work out the problems between me and DreamHost - notify them of the problems and let them work on them. They’ve been more than polite with me which does make me suspicious that they are biased towards people who are nice, but we’ve heard directly here on the forums that they try to be impartial and solve people’s problems whether they are treated like human beings or are cursed at.

At this point, I will slap myself on the hand for contributing to a gumming up of a perfectly decent thread. Apologies to the OP.

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I think the original question was pointed at per server configuration: load and whatnot.

Some hosts offer 300 gigs of space, but its probably like the evil-gmail model hoping that only a minority will actually use all the space. Hopefully its not the godaddy model wherein the TOS is rigged such that you cannot use all the space

Nickel and diming users is a great way to get them to leave. I picked a host for a friends family and found their entire control panel was a marketing upselling project. no thanks. the current nameless host during the initial interview confirmed spamassassin for email but after signing up the control panel wanted an additional $2/mo to enable it. That’s not a good way to retain customers or a sound business model.

Be up front, webhost. honesty is always best. - the trauma of bad godaddy