How will I know

when my domain name (just registered) becomes active?

I figure that this is a silly question, and once it does, it will be obvious, but it never hurts to ask! :slight_smile:

It should usually start working within a few hours once the registration goes through. Our system will send you an email once the registration goes through and it should usually be fairly soon after that if it’s all set up in our system with DNS and web services and everything.

There’s not really an easy way to know exactly when it starts working, but when you can bring it up in a web browser it’s working for sure!

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[quote]When you register a domain name (such as ‘’), it must be approved and set to filter through the DNS system. DNS, which stands for ‘Domain Name Server’, is a technology that allows Internet domains to be accessed using a domain instead of an IP address. Any time a person accesses a domain in their web browser or telnet program, their computer asks a DNS server for the location of that domain. Until all DNS servers on the Internet know about your domain, however, it won’t be accessible to everyone.

Once a domain has been registered and you have received a notice confirming it, it usually takes up to two or three days before the domain information propagates throughout the 'net. As DNS changes do not happen immediately and instantly on all servers, some users may be able to view a domain while others receive a message that it does not exist. Don’t worry, this is temporary, and goes away within a day or two. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way that we can speed this part of the process up, as each DNS server is set to refresh at different times.[/quote]

A lot of it is just luck. It depends when the DNS updates are because I’ve had one take all day and then I’ve had one take just under 45 minutes.

Edit: Dallas beat me to the reply, he wins! :smiley:

Thanks for the /extremely/ quick replies!