How to work in parallel

I am following a course of wordpress. The course uses an example of a fictitious company that needs to do a blog in wordpress. The entire course is around that example.
How can I do to have a wordpress installation only to develop the course AND another installation in order to build my official blog ?
I wonder if it is possible to install two separate WordPress on the same server ?
Any advice or idea ?, thank you very much.


Set up a subdomain or a subfolder and install another Wordpress there, while using the main domain as your official blog. Doing this will get you two Worpdress instalations, you also need two separate databases.

[quote=“unknownnf, post:2, topic:53985”]
Set up a subdomain or a subfolder and install …[/quote]
I want to say what I understand and if you can correct me please.
First, I register a subdomain in Dreamhost.
Second, with that DreamHost automatically create a directory for that subdomain.
Is that correct.?
Now I am going to ask for your help when creating a database for this subdomain, because that is something I do not know how to do it.
Forever grateful for your goodwill,

To create a database you should go to and read up on the whole process. You can find more information and tutorials on that site for your problems.

thank you very much, I will read it.