How to wait for domain transfer?

7/5 I used the panel to request a domain transfer from GoDaddy, where it has been for years, to Dreamhost (where it is hosted).

I submitted the authorization information requested and now have…nothing.

Nothing from GoDaddy saying I have a pending domain transfer, nothing from Dreamhost that says I have a pending domain transfer.

Is there something else I should be doing?

this domain expires at the end of July.
At what point do I start tearing my hair out?

Do you have your original account number w/godaddy? If not, contact them, they are extremely responsive. If you have the original account name/number, go to their site… sign on to “my account”, if you forgot your password, select the option forgot password. If you don’t have your account number call them. They will help you change your name servers to dreamhosts.

Good luck. Dreamhost rocks.

: )

no, the nameservers already point to Dreamhost, that’s not the problem, the problem is that the domain name REGISTRATION is hosted with GoDaddy and I want to change that to Dreamhost, I filled out the forms from Dreamhost last week, but right now I got nuthin.