How to view .htaccess?

I’m trying to diagnose why Google is listing a Wordpress site I run as dangerous (

It seems to have to do with a bunch of links like:

You can see a whole bunch if you google “site:

I’m trying to look in my .htaccess but I can’t get it to show up through Filezilla or Dreamhost’s WebFTP. Both should be revealing hidden files, but even with -a it isn’t showing up.

Any advice?

When I try WebFTP, it shows all the .files automatically.

Are you looking inside your folder?

Is your WordPress installation an Easy Install?

If you create or upload a .file, does it show up?

For a closer look, you can SSH in and use the ‘ls -a’ command, but what you’re already doing should be just as good. Being that it’s WordPress, there should be a .htaccess file.


I uploaded another file beginning with a . to the directory and it showed up. So I guess there is no .htaccess? That doesn’t seem right.

My Wordpress was a one-click install.

Safari also gives me the Phishing warning. However, when I view the source of the page and the rss feed, I don’t see anything suspicious.

.htaccess looks like it’s for making search engine friendly URLs, so you post links don’t end up with question marks and such in them. Since you’re using raw URLs, there’s no .htaccess.

I’m on my way out, but .htaccess isn’t the issue. Perhaps it’s a plugin you’re running. Read up on the Google docs on how they flag sites.