How to use the Promo code

Hi, I already had an webID, so now I wanted to add a hosting package, and I wanted to use a Promo Code, but now I cannot use one because I don’t know where to put this, in the add plan page there was nothing about Promo Code… What should I do?

It will show up near the end - just before you pay. Use “HAPPY50” to get an instant $50 off any plan.

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The option to enter a promo code should be available at step 6 of the plan application process (‘Verify Total’). Note; During the process you may need to log-in again with your WebID / Password, even though you were already logged into the Web Panel.

and please, use the original promo code that you intended to use, not any codes that you may find here on the forums (including mine), it is only fair to the person who originally referred you to DreamHost.


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Just to add to that – ANY promo code will also override a referral, so if you were referred by a friend, or someone that helped you that you want to have the credit, he will not get the credit if you enter a promo code from someone else (assuming he just gave you his ID for a referral, or told you to click a link with r.cgi? or rewards.cgi? in the URL).

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Here is my problem, let me explain better, I already had some money in my account, I clicked on add a plan (I had no other plans until this one), I choose the L1, the payment period and I had a Create Plan after that, I figure that after I click this I’ll be able to insert the promo code… But nope, after I clicked this button it show me the Payment options (credit, card, paypal, gift certificate, check). That’s all, I didn’t have any promo box to enter the code, I cannot find one anywhere. And because I don’t have the money (I have calculated the sum including the promo discount) now I have a negative balance…

I think I better sign up for a plan from the main page, but now if I delete the plan I made (so I can signup again from the mainpage not from my panel) it say that the whole account will be desactivated - and I have money in it, I don’t want to lose them.

Why is there no promo code field on my add plan from the panel? Also contacted support but no response yet… so I am very very confused and upset …

I believe that Promo codes are for new customers only, if there’s a credit in your account, I don’t think you’re a new customer.



Well I think I am a new customer as I never ordered anything. I just added some money but never used it. Besides that I tried that:
-if I add a plan from the main page ( and not from from the Panel, when I reach the WebID section I can enter my current ID and when I get to payment I have the promo code option (so this option is available even if I entered an already existent Web ID but only from the plan ordering in the main page). Of course I cannot finished adding new plan from the mainpage because I already have one plan added (from my Panel and if I delete it it will also delete my account).

Still, no response from support, it takes a lot of time I see…

How can you have money in your account but not be signed up as a customer? I think you either drop the promo or get a whole new account.

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I’m not quite following this, especially the part about having money in an account, but…

If it’s just a web ID, with no accounts added, then I don’t see what you’re losing by just signing up from the main page with your web ID and promo code.

But I still don’t see how any money could have been exchanged between you and DH without you signing up for something.

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Ok, I’ll explain more, but I expected you guys to know more about DreamHost , I’m just a newbie here and it seems I know more.

I made my web ID: you can get money referring other people, you can get donations, you can get gift certificates or whatever. Your account will become positive in balance - Nothing bought yet, nothing ordered yet.

Now I did some of these methods, and when I had enough money already there I make the decision to use the dreamhost to host my sites. Ok , so I think I want to order L1 plan. In my Panel I see the option “Add plan”, as it is my first order ever I say to myself - I can use this link , there is no need to log-out, then to go the main page, choose the plan, LOG IN again (cause I already have the web ID)… It seems logic doesn’t it?

Well nope! If I choose the “Add plan” from my Panel (what I have done and I am crazy now - 19h and no answer) I CANNOT use a promo code.

BUT, if I would LOG-OUT, go to main page -> choose a plan -> LOG IN -> I could use the promo code.

This seems pretty silly in my opinion. And I have calculated the amount I can pay including this promo code, which I should be able to use… now I have a negative balance, no one knows what I am talking about here and support has no response from about 19 hours. I’m getting insane here :slight_smile: cause I don’t get this…

When I signed up to DreamHost, I created a WebID (without applying for a plan), had a good look around the Web Panel then later added a plan using the ‘add plan’ function in the panel. At the time this did allow me to use a promo code (which I did).

The only thing I can think of is that (for whatever reason) your account is no longer considered to be a ‘new account’ by the system.

I think your best option is to keep the plan you have already added, contact DreamHost explaining the situation in detail and ask that they apply the promo code manually to your account, thereby removing your negative balance.


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Or if it’s more hassle than it’s worth just set up a brand new account and plan.

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I can’t set up onether one, I have money in this account…

2 days and 5 hours and still waiting :frowning:

I haven’t looked into this, so I’m not sure if it would work or not…

Maybe you can open another account and use a promo code.

With the money in the other account, can’t you either cash it out, or maybe use the money to buy a gift certificate for your other account? I never messed with the gift certs, so I’m not sure if that would work or not.

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Well, thanks Raz2133, your message helped me, now my problem is solved, very kind support, I was waiting a lot (it seems like forever :slight_smile: ) but everything was ok in the end. Thank you everyone for your attention and I know everybody tried to help me.

I hope this hosting will be as good as everybody say it is. :slight_smile:

No problem sixtyne, I am always glad to help if I can. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you will be disapointed. The DreamHost way of doing things can take a little getting used to at first, but overall I’ve found hosting here to be much more versatile and less restrictive than the alternatives.

Good luck and welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:


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