How to use the free domain registration when transferring a domain

I’m transferring a domain from GoDaddy to DreamHost. I “unlocked” it in godaddy and got the Auth Code. Everything is fine except that I’m required to pay $9.98 to make the transfer.
With my hosting plan I have a free domain registration and would like to use that, but I can’t since my plan is still in 97-days free trial period.
The question is: how can I pay for my hosting plan so to end the trial period and use the free domain registration?
When I go in “Manage Account” it says that I owe $0.00 so I don’t know how to pay immediately.
Thanks for help!

“Free” domain is more like a credit for domain registration. You’d have to ask Sales how to initiate a transfer using this free credit. I do know that at the one year mark, your account will show a $9.95 credit that you can use to renew a domain for the next year.

Ok, thank you very much! I’d better open a ticket and have it clarified by DH, since in the transfer procedure it says explicitly that I can’t use the free domain because I’m still in the trial period (so, I suppose, if I weren’t I’d have to pay nothing)

Thanks a lot for this wonderful information, it really helps me so much…