How to use subdomain nameservers

Hi, I am rather new to these forums, but I have an important question I need answered ASAP. I have my domain ( hosted, not registered, with DreamHost. I also made a subdomain ( What I want to do is have the subdomain’s nameservers pointed too:

(Those are nameservers)
Anyway, thank you for reading my request and please answer this as soon as possible because we have a match tonight and this forum needs to be up by then.

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Team Flash Technical Administrator

I don’t think subdomains have nameservers…

  1. What are the nameservers for
  2. Why do you want the subdomain to have a different nameserver?

Subdomains and sub-subdomains can all be “managed” by the nameserver of the domain.

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Can you use the Custom DNS feature and set up a CNAME from to That should work about the same as what you’re proposing.

I would, but I don’t have the IP of the server. I also can’t find it anywhere either. Any other ideas?

They are correct as you wouldn’t have nameservers for the subdomains. What I would recommend is to just do a nslookup of the servername that you will be hosting the site on. Such as:

You can do this easily via:

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You don’t need the IP, you just need another domain name. If (which I know nothing about) allows you to set up subdomains like, you would then just need a CNAME (which is like an alias for domain names) from to

This will work transparently in the browser - no redirects or anything. Read some more on CNAME records.