How to use PuTTY with Dreamhost?

I’m having trouble getting PuTTY up and running. Are there any good articles on how to use PuTTY with Dreamhost for a newb?


When you say how to use do you mean you are unable to connect to your account? you log in using your domain name and it will ask for whatever user and password you have. You would need to have shell access for your particular user. I’m sure google will be very informative with websites that list ssh commands.

Well, I tried connecting using the default settings and got the message:

I figured I should stop right there since I don’t know what I’m doing :slight_smile:

that’s normal the first time you connect. if you want to make sure you aren’t being redirected to some Bad Site in the process of connecting the first time, you can track down Dreamhost’s server key fingerprint and compare it with what PuttY sees

I think you’d have to ask support for it though.