How to use own domain in name server - shared

i am using shared hosting in dreamhost

my domain is :

my name server now in whois is :

can i use my own domain in nameserver? if that so what facilities or feature to do that?

is ok if i need to pay for few bucks for it

Really? Now I feel bad for using it as an example all of those years. Guess I’ll get back to using instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a thread that covers custom nameservers.

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I’m a little confused here. Reading the message I think he’s asking to use his domain name for his nameserver.

The problem with this is that the reason to use DNS is to resolve the name. If you say your nameservers are at and a client machine tries to resolve, it then has to try to resolve to find the name server. (causing a loop) This could be a hard thing to accomplish.

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I never messed with it, but other claim to have successfully setup custom nameservers here. Rlparker mentions in the thread that there are also reasons not to do it. I suppose an IP change could screw things up.

You still have to register them with your registrar and follow the steps in those threads.

I’m surprised DH doesn’t offer a simple custom nameserver setup option. That seems like one of the few things that most places offer (especially reseller accounts) that DH doesn’t. It has probably been explained at some point why they don’t… my guess would be some sort of complication with their panel backend, but who knows.

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