How to use my Test site?


There is a test site on my website under a subdomain. I’m having difficulty viewing it, or accessing it in any way. How would I do this? You can see the subdomain below (i edited the address for privacy).

I want to test a few WordPress plugins on the test site before attempting them on our public website.

Thanks for your help.
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8 mons+ left. Optimized WordPress with PHP 5.5 (User: wp_4594949)
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DNS | Visit | WebFTP | FTP | Add IP
Fully Hosted with PHP 5.6 (User: wp_4445)
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When I click “visit” for the test site, it just loads forever and times out.

How long ago did you set up the test domain? Sometimes it takes a few hours for it to appear.

It was set up by my predecessor, actually. It says it’s Active/Live, and a mirror, and FTPing into it shows a WordPress installation like our main site, but I can’t view any of it.
OK, I am just going to start from scratch.

Is there a tutorial about creating a WordPress test site under a subdomain on Dreamhost?

it cannot be a mirror and have a full WP install.
You need to determine if the site is fully hosted or is a mirror.

If it is a mirror, what is it mirroring?
If you want to use it to test WP, then change to fully hosted and wait for DNS to resolve

OK I set it up as fully hosted. What do I do now?