How to use GMail transparently?



I’d like to use Gmail as a way to archive all e-mails into and out of an account on a DreamHost server. Currently, I just set the e-mail address to forward to a Gmail account.

I currently use Outlook POP3 to check the DreamHost server. This basically gets all incoming e-mails into my Gmail account, but doesn’t get sent messages there. Can I just use the Gmail SMTP server to send messages?

Or, should I just send and receive from the Gmail account, and delete the inbox from Dreamhost and leave it as a forward only?

Ideas please!


For just a single account, it won’t be transparent. Your outbound mail will still look like it came from Gmail. You can sign up at Gmail to have them host all of your mail for your domain, though, which will look more transparent.

But why would you want Gmail to archive all of your email? If you use IMAP, you’ll have a copy of everything, plus you can access it via Webmail for your domain.



Well, I don’t need it COMPLETELY transparent…

I managed to setup Outlook to send/receive Gmail. Dreamhost forwards to it. The reply to is set as the Dreamhost account. And the E-mail address field is also the Dreamhost account.

The only downfall is the stupid “on behalf of” header. I know it’s not removable yet… but I guess I’ll have to live with it.

IMAP is just slow. I rarely need e-mails older than a month, but like Gmail to archive everything just in case. It’s also much easier to access and search via my mobile phone.


Yes, of course you can. But in order for GMail to safely treated your email so it is not a spam, do these things in Gmail :

  1. Goto Settings=>Accounts and look at “Send mail as:” section.
  2. If your Dreamhost’s account is not there than click on “Add another email address” to add your Dreamhost’s email account.
  3. Check your added email inbox and do the verification.
  4. Make it default
  5. Done

Hope this helps…


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Yep, thanks. Already did that… see my other reply… It’s a matter of Outlook and the stupid “on behalf of”.


Ah… ok, great you have resolve it :wink:


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If Outlook’s adding the header, you could always switch to something better. Even something free like Thunderbird.

Otherwise, if there are just a few emails you’d rather send without that header, just log into Gmail & send those… since you already setup the other send-from identities there. Then you don’t really have to change what you’re doing now.

If the main goal is to take Dreamhost’s mail out of the picture, then I’d use Google Apps (or any 3rd party mail host) and just do everything through there, rather than using forwarders & leaving stuff in an inbox here as well.

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Thanks for the input. It’s not so much MY Outlook showing the header… but others.