How to use domain registered with 3rd-party with Dreamhost?



I have registered a domain at a third party, since reamhost does not provide the top-level domain that I need. Now I need the domain to point at my Dreamhost-account. I typed in the dreamhost dns-settings in the control panel of the 3rd-party and added the domain in my dreamhost panel and assumed that this would do the trick, but now - more than a day later - nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?


Did you use as the “dreamhost settings”?

If so it should be working, or just taking an extra long time to propagate.

You could also try looking your domain up on a 3rd party Whois server, like checking the nameserver entries. If those are correct there you might in the dreamhost panel click the DNS link under the domain name and the GO button on the next page to force a refresh.


Yeah it did actually work… I was just to inpatient. Made a whois lookup and discovered that it was already targeting the dreamhost servers. That made me think that it was probably a propagation issue, so tried running hotspot shield to get a foreign ip address and then everything worked :slight_smile: