How to use DH search feature?


The DH search module (like many other forum’s) allows you to enter multiple keywords to search for. Unfortunately, the terms are all OR’d and will give a result if it contains ANY of the terms. How can I specify that I want results that contain ALL the terms or even a specific quoted string? Are regular expressions of some sort supported?


I don’t believe there is, unfortunately. What we’re using here is just MyBB with a custom skin.


If your talking about this forum, there is another more powerful way to search than the built in search. Use google! Just make the first part of your google search term “” then you can use normal search operators and get results from just this forum.

That trick works on any site by the way, I use it often… :wink:


+1 - Google pwn searching.


Nah, do it the real programer’s way:

$ for i in {50..140000}; do wget -qO /tmp/thread-$i.html http://$i.html; done

Then just install mongodb and away you go! :stuck_out_tongue: