How to use DH Mail on external host

I have the domain hosted on external host and i’d like to use DH Mail Accounts of this domain with external host. Basically, the files and database are hosted my website on my external server and my email accounts on my DH account. My domain points to the external DNS servers for my hosting to another company.

Have changed the dns MX domain entries on my other host. Changed to:

[Type] [Priority] [Value]
[MX] [10] []
[MX] [10] []
[MX] [20] [ ]
[MX] [30] [ ]

What more need to change the dns entries on my other host?
pop, mail, mailboxes, webmail entries?
and what is the type, priority and value?

In my Manage Domains - DNS entries, for the domain that I want to only use email accounts hosted in DH:

MX 0
MX 0
_domainkey TXT o=~; r=… TXT k=rsa; t=y; p=…
ftp A
mail A
mail MX 0
mail MX 0
mailboxes A
www.mailboxes A
ssh A
webmail A
www.webmail A
www A

The third and fourth MX records you have created on the other host (the ones containing “sub3” and “sub4”) are not correct for your domain — remove them.

Once you’ve done that, you can create DNS records matching the “mail”, “webmail”, and “mailboxes” records you see on DreamHost. These records are required to check mail.

Thank you andrew!!! is already running!
One more question: I need to configure dns TXT entries for DKIM and SPF in my external host?

In my external hosting, there is already a TXT entry, which should be used for e-mail accounts on the server itself.
Ex: v=spf1 ?all
But as I am not using the email on the server itself, I am unsure if I need to change something.

In DH there are already two TXT entries for DKIM:
_domainkey TXT o=~; TXT k=rsa; t=y; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDDr1Quooktl9vUx0R+DpNJFL13Lb e5c9MaeDYv/MzZaXyxYOH5MyVjjSqqsDa/mxEiFWaSBE9ZM+ljP7fIVx1Vz24tm7jKbhOmlgQmSeWG2R 1iVl7fVNCD4L/x++kMy7MDxTu4YBBDPNfHPFqwv9/4hTj7XgnrlvwC3gbzogs81wIDAQAB