How to use Crypt::OpenPGP?

have an Perl application where I need to create and send an encrypted e-mail.
research has led me to Crypt::OpenPGP

a 30+ year programmer but have never done much with encryption or e-mail
client has PGP

if you know of a good how to use tutorial, discussion this would be very helpful.
have read available documentation but am still confused by how this works.


Sorry no answer, but what were you programming back in 1979 and on what platform? :stuck_out_tongue:

1972 we were on IBM/mainframe with KSR/remote keyboards & paper tape
we’d load program, 64k @ time and boot strap next process in to run long programs
all code in Fortran

In '79, not sure if we were running HP/RTE then on standalone mini with big washer sized 125md disk drives. We had a back plane that allowed us to swap between 2 systems if 1 went down

somewhere in early 80s we were working in HP-UX

all of this fuzzy right now…been a while