How to use Cron Job? It's not working

I just installed Webalizer and AWStats, and both need to use a cron job in order to be effective. I read exactly what the guides said, and even refered to the Knowledge Base articles, but no matter what I did I could’t create a cron job. If someone could tell me how they did this, that would be great!

Here’s what I did: I opened up my Shell terminal program (I use SecureCRT, and I logged into my shell account. I then typed in: crontab -e which brings up the test editing screen where I entered the two lines I wanted to use: 1 * * * * /home/troyus/ -c /home/troyus/

0 * * * * /home/troyus/ -update >/dev/null

After entering them I pressed Ctrl+X, which is exit, and when it prompted me whether I would like to save the file or not, I chose Y for yes. Upon choosing this I got the error that I didn’t have permission to do this, and the file was not writable. I checked and it was saving to this file: " /tmp/crontab.FSRqVQ/crontab"
I tried renaming the file, uploading a file to my directory…etc…all with no luck.

If someone could please tell me how and where to make my cron job file, I would be very please. Thanks :slight_smile:

as far as I know, what you’re doing should work. I’d put a message into support.


Sounds right to me too.
Definately contact support. Sounds like /tmp isn’t setuid’d or whatever.

I contacted technical support, and they fixed the problem, it was something with the permissions that had been set for my account. Thanks for the advice