How to use coupon code for first time hosting?

I just bought the domain name through DreamHost and my credit card is saved in my account. I want to sign up for the shared hosting but I want to use a 50% off coupon code I found.

As far as I can see, once I click that I want the hosting plan, it will be automatically charged to my card - is that right? Will there be a place to put in the coupon code before it goes through? Do I need to remove my credit card, then sign up?

Also, I think the coupon code will be gone by the time the 2 week free trial is over – so how do I do all this and use the coupon code?

Sorry for all the questions — Thanks!

Can you submit a support ticket with these details? From there, we can sort this out and see what we can do for you :slight_smile: You can email us via the panel ( or contact us here:


watch this tutorial

If you have already signed up an account, you can’t change or use promo code any more. I don’t think you signed up the account with a promo code. In this case, DH support will help you out.

If you signed up an account with a promo code, there is nothing they can do. You can’t change a promo code any more.