How to use a directory named /stats

[was “Phantom directory protection”]

I have a directory on my site that I can’t see. It’s named “stats” - whenever I call it, I get faced with a password prompt. The directory worked fine until I moved the site to Dreamhost - so fine, in fact, that about a dozen web crawlers expect to find their RSS feeds there, most of which I have no influence on.

Is there a way to make /stats available for my own use on this site?


The topic just before this had a clue: “/stats” appears to have a special meaning here on DH?

What can I do to change that? I have a /stats directory, and I need it to have that name (multiple RSS crawlers which expect to find feeds there).

Topic title changed accordingly.

I’ve not tried this, but there does seem to be an option to turn off stats:

If that doesn’t work, try contacting support to turn this feature off for your domain.