How to upload Wordpress site?


I am using a trial account of what seems to be an amazing program for people who have no idea how to design their own Word Press sites (me) and I just made a Word Press theme and I want to upload it to check it on the server. I have an entire folder of files that was exported from the program. Do I just FTP the entire folder over? I have worked with FTP and flat HTML files before but never Wordpress. Thanks!


This might help you out:


Unless you’re using a paid hosting plan and used the Advanced One-Click install, you won’t be able to upload to your WordPress site. Paid plans include FTP access to the advanced and manual installations of WordPress.



1.) I have a paid hosting plan. Are there non paid hosting plans through Dream Host?


There’s DreamHostApps which is more like a trial account, which is what it sounded like you were describing.

To upload a theme, it goes in the wp-content/themes folder. Check some of the existing themes to see what they need to include and make sure you have a similar set of files.