How to upload with dreamweaver

How do you get your website remote info data started.
In dreamweaver mx I go to edit sites then remote then i get a drop down for access(do i click ftp)…Then below that is an ‘ftp host’ box- do i type in ‘’ ?
Lastly it asks for login and password.Do i use my dreamhost log and psw here?

You should have received an email from DH with your ftp username and password. Use these to access your site with dreamweaver via ftp.
Access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host directory:
Login: username
password: password

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Use the user credentials that has access to the domain, not the Panel info too :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

i tried what you suggested…didnt work…

How long have you had your site? Its possible the directory wasn’t created yet.
Try accessing using another ftp program such as filezilla, your web browser or webftp in your panel. Verify that you can atleast log on, then check for the directoy that matches your domain name.
Also I hope you didn’t take what I used for inputs in the previous post literally.

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Check that DreamWeaver server configuration is set to passive FTP.