How to upload Site?


It’s been a while…Im not sure where to start or if I missed the directions. I’m trying to access my site directories or what not to upload/ftp. What do I need to do? In the mean time I just want to put my logo on my home page until the rest of the site is done. I’m a n00b…where do i start? my domain is

Thanks to all that reply


In DH, your web files should be uploaded to directory.

Hope this gives you some general ideas.


Great! Thanks! That helped…next problem…says my user name and password is incorrect… i dont get it?


You have a Panel login here, and then there’s an FTP user login. How did you get your logo onto your site?
That message usually means that your username or password is incorrect. It won’t tell you which one, but it could be both, in your case.

Your FTP user is listed in the panel for Manage Domains. If you’re sure you have the right user, you can change the password under Manage Users. Remember that only that user has FTP access to your site. Your panel login or other FTP users you created can’t FTP to your site directory.


You know I’m not really a programmer or designer but I really want to learn basic programming. SO this is really a helpful information for me as a beginner. Thanks!