How to upload simple website


Good day,
How to upload a simple website? i try with ftp user but only have access to /home directory. Wich user can do this?
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Juan L. Mera


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First is your ftp user assigned to a domain? Navigate to manage domains in the panel, find a fully hosted domain. In the web hosting column on that page, you will see “Fully hosted / User: USERNAME”

You must log into ftp/sftp with that USERNAME.

When you log into that username via ftp/sftp, you should be in the directory /home/USERNAME/ and inside that directory you should find a directory name YOURDOMAIN.COM – Switch into the directory YOURDOMAIN.COM – Upload here.

See also these links:


Or if CMS is a solution for you, you can easily install one on your domain via DH panel --> Goodies --> One-click Installs

Don’t forget that you can have unlimited subdomains in DH. If you are not sure how to process, test it on subdomain first.


The following link will guide you how tpo upload with filezill step by step