How to upload my web design from Dreamweaver


Sorry i am new here and i would like to find out how do i upload my website from dreamweaver to DreamHost?


These should help: and

If you have any questions, please let us know! Or you can submit a support ticket to our DreamTeam and we can assist you: :slight_smile:


Hi thanks for your respond, i am using Dreamweaver CS5. and i was trying to set up from Dreamweaver. however i was prompt with an error message.

“An FTP error occurred. cannot make connection to host. The remote cannot be found”

Do i have to make any setting in the Dreamhost in order to link my dreamweaver to Dreamhost?[/php][/code][/quote]


Your domain is hosted on Google which means you only use Google to host this domain, including Google Apps, GMail, and Google Sites.