How to upload large video to WP?


I want to upload a video that’s 341MB to my Wordpress site. Wordpress won’t let me, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it through DreamHost. I can’t add it to the Web FTP because it’s too large and can’t upload anything to my regular FTP. What’s the best way to get the video onto WP?


Hm, want to hear suggestions to that also…


If you can’t FTP it up, you won’t be able to do it via WP, sadly (there’s a PHP limit on how large uploaded files can be).

314Megs is a pretty huge video, though, and video hosting is one of the more complicated things to do with self-hosting. In part, this is because playing videos is really server intensive, but also the playback is annoying based on what you uploaded as. Like iOS won’t play FLVs, which are the smallest, or OOG, and only use MP4s. The larger the video, the more CPU and memory you use, every time it plays, because it doesn’t cache the same way.

So that was a long way around to say this: You can increase your PHP upload file size :

But that may not solve all the problems of large video uploads :frowning: DreamObjects may help, but also if you plan on doing a lot of video, you may want to invest in video hosting (like VideoPress or Vimeo)


Thank you so much for your reply. I can’t seem to add anything to my ftp, even a 5k file so that may be part of the problem. If I can figure out how to change permissions and can upload the video to the FTP, do I still need to increase my PHP upload file size? If so, where do I find the PHP?


If you upload via FTP you don’t need to change the php upload size.

What FTP app are you using? I’m assuming you can log in, and it just doesn’t let you upload files.