How to upload header image to my dreamhost account

i want to upload an image to dreamhost. How to do that. I have a wordpress blog but still I use for hosting images. what should i use imageshack or dreamhost. I also want to upload a header image for my blog. if i wanted my header image to be hosted in my dreamhost account how to upload the header image to my dreamhost account?

i have a hosting account with dreamhost.

If you just have one image to upload for now you may as well use the WebFTP (file transfer protocol) function for your domain in the “Manage Domains” section of the control panel.

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i forgot the ftp option. is there any other way to upload images directly from the dreamhost panel? thanks.

Not that I know of. FTP is actually the common and easy way for you to upload file to your host.

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you can upload via webftp in the web panel under manage domains.

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maybe I’m wrong… but you can’t upload anything through webpanel

use FTP or webFTP

btw if you using wordpress there’s upload menu when you want to write post/page :wink:
just select your file and start uploading


I think all we means is DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP. You can upload files to your web directory here.

The poor guy is lost :stuck_out_tongue:

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