How to upgrade PHP to 5.3 or better

I’m developing a small Wordpress e-commerce site using the Jigoshop plug-in. Their newest release broke my site, and Jigoshop support told me that:

“Getting your hosting service to upgrade your website’s version of PHP to at least 5.3 is the best fix.
For now though, you can replace this file with the enclosed version of jigoshop/shortcodes/my_account.php.
But be forewarned, the next major release will have even more PHP 5.3 dependant items and getting the website updated is the thing to do.”

I am not actually sure what version of PHP I am currently working with. I am running a small WordPress multisite install on a Dreamhost VPS which I initially set up in August, 2011. How do I determine what version of PHP I am running under? How do I upgrade my site to PHP 5.3 (or better)? I am very much at (or beyond) the limits of my competence here. Any clear and not too technical advice would be greatly appreciated!

You’re in luck: This is easy :slight_smile:

Go to Manage Domains in your panel:

Click on Edit for that domain.

Under PHP mode, pick PHP 5.3 (or PHP 5.4, both work with WP)

Then hit ‘Change settings’

Wait ten minutes and boom, you’re done :slight_smile:

If you go into the Manage Domain section of the panel and click the “Edit” button for your domain, there’ll be a menu on that page for “PHP mode”. Switch that to “PHP 5.3 FastCGI” (the one that’s currently marked as “recommended”), then click the “Change settings” button a bit further down.

Thanks Andrew and Ipstenu! You’re right – that was easy…