HOW TO Upgrade OpenX

Hi all,

I just installed OpenX from the 1-Click today, and as soon as I finished it I got a message that there was a new version available. I had a hell of a time upgrading to the new version, so I thought it might help others if I posted what I did here.

install path:

first copy everything from to

then delete everything in the original directory
and untar the update into that directory

now copy the 2 configuration files from to
Both configuration files will have the term “config” in their names. There should be like a default.config.php and a longer-named-file with some portion or all of your website’s address in it.

Point your browser to to be taken to the install wizard. Go through the agreements and then at the bottom of the check page make sure it says it has detected an older version of OpenX and it can be upgraded.

Then go on to the database page (should already be configured since you are updating). Press continue. You almost definately will get something that says “Failed to upgrade configuration file.”

Now go delete the file called UPGRADE which is located at

Again, point your browser to and you should be logged in to the updated version (I am just hoping this really is completely installed correctly).

Also, on a side note, when I installed OpenX, I did so on a subdomain that was all to itself (e.g. and I was a bit unsure of creating a directory since DreamHost seems to keep all the domains in our home directories and I am not totally sure how DH works. But I went ahead and made the dir and it worked fine.

Hello from OpenX!

Glad to hear you got through things OK and thanks for posting to try and help other users.

This should be ok for small updates like 2.4.x to 2.4.y. Most likely no changes to the configuration file is needed.

However - there shouldn’t be such an error message. It could be that the owner (not permissions) of the configuration file itself needs to be changed.

What is listed as the owner of the domain.conf.php file in your openx/var directory? Try:

  1. Downloading it using FTP
  2. Rename, or delete (careful!)
  3. Re-upload from your computer using FTP
    Now, the owner should be correct. Obviously, this is more easily done if you have full permissions on the server.

If this doesn’t help then the other thing to check would be the domain name in the config file ‘’ versus the domain you are using, lets say ‘’ (the www is important). This issue should be helped if you have a ‘default.conf.php’ file in your var directory. Depending on what version you came from, this might have not been present. However this should no longer be an issue with upgrading new versions.

Arlen Coupland