How to update website via FTP

What do you need to do when you updated your website ?
I’m using Ipswitch Ws_FTP Professional 9.01.
Do you need to delete your OLD index_files first ?


Overwrite them ? But I have tried that & I can’t get it to work !

How long does take from uploading to the server to see the changes ?

Can Anybody Help me please.

To update the web site sinmply upload the changed file(s). If you are unsure of what this entails, just upload the whole thing and worry about the rest later.

Provided that the files are located in the correct location, with the proper naming (index.htm as first page) the changes should display immediatly. If you upload a change correctly, and cannot see it, try clearing the temp internet files in your browser and pulling up the site again.

Note that you should be uploading any files to the folder named after your website ( Any files uploaded to that folder will show up immediately on the web (

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