How to unblock webmail HTML images?


Believe it or not, sometimes I like to be able to see the graphics in an incoming HTML email to my DH-hosted mail (esp. if I designed it myself and am testing it).

I discovered that I had to change a setting in my Squirrel options to automatically show images in mail.

When I examine the email in my (IMAP acct on OS X Tiger), the images show just fine. [ All images have absolute (http://www…) URLs.]

But when I view the HTML mail in Squirrel’s web mail system, I only see 2 out of four images. The 2 that I see happen to be BACKGROUND images.
In the place of the others I get a message that says “Image removed for security reasons”.

Can anyone explain? Why is image okay in a background (e.g., one is like a watermark), but not as an element in a table cell in my header? Tres bizarre…
Is there another setting in Squirrel mail options pertaining to security that I’ve not noticed?


Don’t use squirrel mail (it suxorz) but I bet it has to do with attached image vs remote included.

There’s to ways to add images into email: remotly and directly.

Directly uses the same HTML tags, but the images are attached with the email itself.
Remotely requires making a remote call to load in images.

Spammers have used a method in the past in which they’ll implant a remote image href within the email using different image URLs for each email. If that image gets loaded, the spammer knows that’s a valid email address and your email is stored and sold off, etc.

Cause of that, email clients no longer, by default, loads remotely included images. This is a feature to protect you and something I’d suggest not to change.

As for the specific problem with squirrel mail, sorry can’t help you there. I don’t use it. I hate it and I refuse to use it. I forward all my email to gmail and use their interface for email.