How to unblock webmail HTML images?

Believe it or not, sometimes I like to be able to see the graphics in an incoming HTML email to my DH-hosted mail (esp. if I designed it myself and am testing it).

I discovered that I had to change a setting in my Squirrel options to automatically show images in mail.

When I examine the email in my (IMAP acct on OS X Tiger), the images show just fine. [ All images have absolute (http://www…) URLs.]

But when I view the HTML mail in Squirrel’s web mail system, I only see 2 out of four images. The 2 that I see happen to be BACKGROUND images.
In the place of the others I get a message that says “Image removed for security reasons”.

Can anyone explain? Why is image okay in a background (e.g., one is like a watermark), but not as an element in a table cell in my header? Tres bizarre…
Is there another setting in Squirrel mail options pertaining to security that I’ve not noticed?

Don’t use squirrel mail (it suxorz) but I bet it has to do with attached image vs remote included.

There’s to ways to add images into email: remotly and directly.

Directly uses the same HTML tags, but the images are attached with the email itself.
Remotely requires making a remote call to load in images.

Spammers have used a method in the past in which they’ll implant a remote image href within the email using different image URLs for each email. If that image gets loaded, the spammer knows that’s a valid email address and your email is stored and sold off, etc.

Cause of that, email clients no longer, by default, loads remotely included images. This is a feature to protect you and something I’d suggest not to change.

As for the specific problem with squirrel mail, sorry can’t help you there. I don’t use it. I hate it and I refuse to use it. I forward all my email to gmail and use their interface for email.

This is a super old thread, but it’s the first result when googling “dreamhost webmail show images”. I don’t even think they use squirrel mail anymore, but the way you do this now is to click the downward pointing chevron in the upper right of the email body (not the webmail frame, it’s in the section that scrolls with the email text). This is the same area with a ‘print’ button and showing how long ago you got the email.

That opens options for the individual message, including the show images option and a download button.