How to turn Network IP Back UP?


I’m reading out of a book to learn about networking and I ran the following command:

ip link set ens3 down

I didn’t think that through, I believe this turned off my ip network, so I couldn’t access the instance using SSH console to turn it back on again? When I tried getting into the shell, it’s just a blank page.

I think Dreamhost automatically brought back the ip network access again a few minutes later. In case this didn’t happen, how would I turn the network back up again remotely if it ever shuts down (ip link set ens3 up)?

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Easy: destroy that machine and start a new one :slight_smile:

Another approach I can think only works if you have set a password for your local user: login from the online console. The issue here is that if you haven’t enabled a password login, you won’t be able to do anything.

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Thanks for the info. I found this console, but couldn’t figure out the login. My main ssh user is simply the default “ubuntu” which is set up with password-less key login with Putty. Do I create a password for this “ubuntu” user, or am I supposed to come up with a separate user?

I did a Soft and Hard Reboot of the instance and this seemed to correct the issue.

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of course! I should have thought of that!

Yes, that’s enough. You can also create a new user if you prefer but you’ll also remember to include that new user in sudoers if you do so.

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