How to transfer users' registrations from one WP site to another?

Hey all,

So… I’ve looked and looked for the answer to this question (I really have!!), I’ve tried a bunch of things, and I am very humbly asking for help from the smart people here. :slight_smile:

I have a test version of my new writers’ forums on one of my WP sites. I already know that I can migrate the forums themselves to a new site… (SimplePress)… but I have to migrate the users, too. I’m opening the test forums up only to a small number of potential mods and admins, but they will still lose all of their posts if I can’t migrate them as users.

The closest thing I’ve been able to figure out so far is that the user migration actually happens through the host, which would be Dreamhost in this case. I’ve seen ideas about how to do it with other hosts, but I haven’t been able to find out anything about exactly how it would work here. PLEASE PLEASE, any advice/help/thoughts would be so welcome!! I’m the only admin on this site right now, this is a real labor of love, I really need an EXPERT admin on that site but it isn’t happening right now, so I have to do it… I would be eternally grateful for any help with the user migration issue.



by migrate to a new site, do you mean a new domain or new forum software? If it’s the same software and version, you should be able to just reuse the database which holds your post and user information. There’s nothing special that DreamHost needs to do.

I think that’s what the information I found was basically saying about another host… look, I am not an expert, I know it, I admit it, I’m trying so hard to run this site all by myself until I can get some help, please, PLEASE, is there any way to get more detailed information about how to reuse a database in this way? You would get infinite karma points! :slight_smile:

no one can help without a lot more details. it’s probably faster and easier to pay a few bucks o a freelancer to just do it for you. try or or something similar

I need to transfer users from one WP site to another so that they do not need to re-register. Both the same version of WP, both hosted in Dreamhost, different domain names. How is a database reused in this case? Where would I go to find it? Are there any links to more information? Is there any other detail you can think of that would need to be known? I’m trying so hard to do all of this myself. I don’t want to give up until there is no way to find out anything else.

Just reuse the database settings in wp-config.php. Check to see how it works. you’ll need to learn the basics of WordPress

Okay. I appreciate your advice, but at some point, it’s too much for me. I am doing EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING with this site and much, much, much, much, much more for the same groups of people. I have spent hundreds of hours on WP, and apparently there is just no end to it all. There has to be a limit. either someone else in the community will take this over, or everyone is just going to have to re-register.

Did you reply to the correct forum? I gave you the answer, but your reply doesn’t follow. I’m not part of your community, unless, of course, you are running this forum. You have tried asking for help through normal support channels, right?


Normally I’d say “Just export the content and the users will come over when you import” but I actually don’t know how SimplePress runs that. That’s something to ask Vanilla directly though. “How do I move users from one SimplePress install to another?”

The other option is to move the WHOLE site from test to live, but I don’t know what else that would break for you.