How to transfer files from a directory on DH to a WebDav directory on DH?


I’m planning to set-up a WebDav directory on my DH Account. I want to make files accessible that are already in a directory on DH.
Since WebDav directories are only accessible via WebDav I’m wondering how to transfer all the files without downloading and uploading them again.

Is there any chance to do that?



from what I understand last time I tried this, if files are added via webdav, they are only accessible via webdav

that might have changed though…


I know, I’m wondering if there is any way to do the transfer on the shell at a DH server with any kind of WebDav client, that I don’t have to transfer all the files over the internet.


If you’ve got a lot of files that you want to be switched over to WebDAV, let DreamHost support know and we can transfer them over for you.


Ok, I’ll do it that way. Thank you.