How to transfer domain from drupal to wordpress



Can anyone give me some help on how to transfer the domain from drupal to wordpress. Can I start a wordpress site and then close out the drupal so WP can access the domain?

I am not sure if that is the best way or just shut down the drupal site and free up the doamin but dont you haveto contact someone to make a change?


A domain name simply points to where your files are hosted on the server. If the domain name is on your account you don’t need to contact anyone to do anything. If you want wordpress instead of drupal just delete your drupal files and install wordpress to the directory instead. you also have the option of renaming the folder if you did want to keep it in a different location. so in your case i would go to manage domains and add a sub-domain (i.e. and install and work on wordpress. Once it looks like you want it, you can go to general settings in the wp admin and change both of the urls to just (which will make it inaccessible until you finish my instructions). then via ftp just rename your folder to and rename to and you should be good to go.