How to temporarily disable a website and email?


as the title says, I need to disable a couple of sites temporarily. Is there an easy way to do this without having to delete the hosting info? I don’t want to have to set it back up.

thanks in advance


Firstly, keeping your own backups of your sites’ content is a very, very good idea. So we’d advise you to back up your content, because we make it easy:

You have quite a few easy options to disable a site, so it depends on what you want showing. If you want nothing to load at all, you’ll want to change your hosting to DNS-only (in your panel under Manage Domains > Web Hosting > Edit).

If you want to put up a simple “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page, you can do so with an index.html file in the site’s directory.

Another simple option would be to have your site redirect to one of your other domains. More on that here:

And rest assured, setting your site to DNS-Only or a redirect will not wipe out your site’s directory. But it’s still smart to back up your content! :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, there are quite a few other options as well, but these are probably the easiest. If you’re looking for a different end result, please let me know, or submit a support ticket here:

Hope this helps!


the index.html solution doesn’t work b/c it doesn’t disable the email for the domain which is an external exchange server. This is the same for the dns-only hosting. Unless I am wrong the dns redirect would erase my current DNS settings.

I am trying for a solution that doesn’t involve me changing DNS entries b/c I actually have 4 domains that need to be disabled due to non-payment. two of them have custom DNS entries. If this is my only solution, that’s fine. It just seems pretty clunky. please advise.



Apologies for the clunkiness, just making sure your data stays where you want it!

To disable email separately, from your panel go to Mail > Custom MX / Gmail and click “Edit” next to the domain. Then point the MX records somewhere else (e.g. to your own domain,, etc). If you were using DH mail, Gmail, or something similar, it will no longer work.

Using DNS-Only would wipe your custom DNS records, but a redirect should not. Perhaps the most simple way to go about this (if you control the domain registration) is to simply change the nameservers it points to. When that propagates, the site will not load and email will not be functional either. If the domain is registered with us, you can do this by going (in your panel) to Domains > Registrations, selecting the domain in question, and hitting the “Modify whois” button. Nameservers can be edited at the bottom of the next page.

Please let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


All of the domains are registered with Dreamhost. My first thought (before i started the thread) was to change the nameservers however that isn’t working. I renamed them to and then Neither worked.


After you change the nameservers, it will need some time to propagate:
When that propagates, the site shouldn’t load and your email shouldn’t be functional either. Perhaps give it some time, then check again. If it still doesn’t work, let us know! :slight_smile: