How to sign up paying with Paypal



I was trying to sign up to a dedidated server hosting but when I get to the payment page, only credit card was accepted. How can I use PayPal instead?



PayPal is not accepted for initial payment during the creation of an account. Once you have created the account, Pay Pal is accepted for some services if you are in certain locales, but Pay Pal cannot be used as a payment method for your initial payment.


If you use PayPal, like I do, for just about everything, despite having two bank accounts, you might want to get the PayPal debit card. It’ll allow you to still use PayPal and when the PayPal account isn’t an option you can use the debit card.



Hi what locale? US only?


I think he might have been referring to the locales where PayPal can be used in general: