How to setup phpicalendar?



I’ve been reading all of the relevant posts here and on the phpicalendar forum to configure my site to accept my iCal files.

Basically, I’m having no success at all. I’ve tried both WebDAV and the publish.php methods.

Has anyone had any success doing this? What am I missing here??

Not sure what details are relevant, so please feel free to ask for any settings I may have tried (which now feels like every combination!)



Are your calendar files in a directory separate from the phpicalendar installation itself?

What are you using to edit the calendars (ics files)?

I got phpicalendar installed okay – and was able to browse the sample files (modulo an error
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/…
that others have reported on the forums).

My problems have been finding a reliable way to edit and publish the ICS files.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Calendar extension to Firefox. Mostly working when subscribing to calendars with the URL
    Things do go squirrely, though, with problems ranging from files getting truncated at random times to the public/private attribute getting “stuck” as private (the only workaround I found was to edit the ICS fle on the server). And since my need is for various folks to control different files, this isn’t the best solution security-wise.

  2. Sunbird application. This worked with the directory set for WebDAV. But I bumped into a couple of things that confirm this is alpha software, and I’d just rather not fight that fight.

  3. Mulberry was referenced in one web site I found – but that seems to have folded.

  4. There’s a long thread on the forum about an editor – but that doesn’t seem to be close.

  5. May resort to checking out the SO’s Macintosh …

Any other suggestions? Is this technology “ready for prime time”?


First, I’m working on a tutorial on the Dreamhost Wiki here:

I am using Sunbird succesfully to publish my calendars to a WebDAV-enabled directory outside of my PHPiCalendar install directory. I was getting that error, but I found a way to suppress the errors (see previous PHPiCal thread in this group). As to whether or not the technology is ready for prime-time, I would say yes. Sunbird is not the most reliable piece of software (it’s in ALPHA) and I’m not wild about Apple’s iCal, but the stuff does actually work. I’m really using it, and it works for me.


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Thanks, Matt!


Mention that the instructions don’t work if you have run php as cgi switched on (the php scripts run as a user that can’t access the webdav directory).

Unless there’s another way around this…


Thanks, yes, I’d forgotten to add that. Will do.