How to setup my email?


Hello All,

I’m a complete beginner here, so please bear with me. I’m trying to set up my email. I got my domain from namecheap and Dreamhost is my host. When I try to setup my e-mail on my Mac Lion OS, it asks for incoming and outgoing server, which I can’t figure it out. I read it’s but when I try that it says it’s not responding.

I don’t know what to do now. Please help.


Have you had the domain hosted here for long or is it new today, and does the domain resolve in a browser?


So if your domain is, for example, it would be for incoming and outgoing in Apple Mail. I assume that you set up your site in DreamHost’s Web panel to point to their nameservers (, etc., etc.) and to allow DreamHost to host your mail, right?

If the DreamHost end of it is set up properly, your settings in Apple Mail for Lion should fall right into place. Let me know if you need any guidance on that end. And, if you upgrade to Lion’s successor this summer, Mountain Lion, what you set now carry through without alteration. Trust me. :slight_smile:


You mean I have to point Namecheap to DreamHost right?[hr]

I’m completely fresh. Doing everything for the first time.


To host a site on DreamHost, you have to setup DreamHost’s name servers over at Namecheap. This is done under My Account > Manage Domains in your Namecheap control panel.

Check this link to one of their FAQ articles:

You then have to return to DreamHost’s control panel to set up your hosting. There are instructions on both company’s sites to guide you to the step-by-step. It’s not hard, but since you’re new at this, just take it slowly and carefully, and ask for help from both companies if you need guidance on where to go.

Once everything is set up, I can help you with the Mac stuff if you still need it.


It works now. Thanks