How to set up public FTP?

I have a web customer that wants an FTP so he can share large files with his customer. What is the best way to set this up?

Should I make a new FTP user and then (somehow) give them rights to a subdirectory? The trouble with this approach is that ( I think ) each FTP user has his own domain.

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Users cannot have domains. Clusters have machines and users. Domains have hostnames, and hostnames have machines.

You only mention the FTP protocol. If all you need is FTP, then all you have to do is make one FTP user, give both people the username and password, and tell them to log into the hostname, where server is the name the account control panel shows when you made the user. They will then be able to transfer files through the home directory of the FTP user.

It just so happens that one can use your own domain as the hostname, eg, instead of the hostname.

HTTP protocol is a different story where it is backwards: a web site only has one user. Well, its more complicated than that, but then again you haven’t mentioned if they will need web access to the files.

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Thanks. I don’t want to give either access to all the web files, just a subdirectory. I don’t want either party to see all the web files, just an empty folder that they can pass files between each other. Sorry if I wasn’t clear or didn’t understand. I am slow.