How to set up page?

I have the html document all ready. Everything is set. The only problem, is that I just don’t know how to make… that html document! How do you do it? I am really confused.

Right now, the page I want to be is .

By default DH expects a index page when someone logs onto your url. So renaming the splash.html to index.html and uploading it to the folder that matches your url will allow viewers to see your splash page.
There is a way to change the filename in the htaccess file to use another name than index, but I will have to let someone else tell you. I read about several times, never done and can not remember it. I cahalk that up to being old, but that does not fly when I talk to someone older than me. lol.
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Just to add to what silkrooster said, and provide a convenient link to the information he mentioned:

" What is your DirectoryIndex setting?

The DirectoryIndex command lists all the files Apache should look for (in order) to determine what to display when somebody goes to a URL for a directory. That is, it’s the default file name for your web site. Ours is set to:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.shtml index.htm Index.html Index.htm Index.shtml default.htm Default.htm default.html Default.html default.shtml Default.shtml page1.html index.cgi index.php index.php3 index.phtml home.htm home.html home.shtml index.wml

As long as you name your “index” file any one of those things, it will work!

If you have two files with names from that list, Apache will show the one that shows up first (e.g. index.html will show up, even if you have an index.php file in the same directory).

You can change your own DirectoryIndex setting to be anything you’d like via an .htaccess file too!"

from the DreamHost wiki article located at:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thanks for expanding on what I wrote. Some on that list I did not even know was there. Always learning. Yeah the wiki is a great place to look for answers. I guess I don’t use it enough, totally forgot about it.

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