How to set up non-public dev site?

Hi all,
I’ve created an account with Dreamhost and I will be replacing an existing site with one developed here. I want to develop the site before I move the public url to Dreamhost. I’ve created ftp only user and a \dev folder but I don’t seem to be FTPing into the right place. I can’t see quickstart.html. I’ve read something about fully hosting the site. Can someone explain to me if that’s required in my situation and what it means? I don’t want the public URL to go to the Dreamhost account until it’s completely developed.

Just creating a user doesn’t create a website. You need to use Manage Domains to add a Fully Hosted site. I usually call mine, but you can also call it

And then you can password protect the domain directory, using Goodies -> Htaccess in the DreamHost panel.

Thanks but I’m still confused. I set up a domain,, then set up a subdomain under it called I set the subdomain as fully hosted but not the parent domain. I can hit the parent at but i can’t his the beta domain at Do I have to set the parent as fully hosted also? How will fully hosting a domain affect the existing site for currently being hosted at another host?


Sorry! I can hit the parent domain at!