How to set up Gitit on VPS



I have a VPS and would like to set up a Gitit wiki due to it’s awesome features.

I have no idea how to get Haskell web apps to run. Is there such a thing as mod_haskell for Apache, or should I use Happstack? If I use Happstack, can I make it work with Apache?

I don’t mind whether it has it’s own subdomain or not. Both of these are fine:

James Haigh.

Ps. Yesterday was the 17 anniversary of the launch of the first ever wiki, WikiWikiWeb.



I found out that this feature is called a ‘reverse proxy’ and Apache uses the ‘mod_proxy’ module. I found this page on the wiki:

which pointed me to the panel:

I set up a proxy on port 15001 for:

I followed the guide at:

sudo apt-get install gitit
gitit -p 15001

Gitit is now running on:

Remaining issues:

Why does the proxied page look basic? There are no images or formatting at:

How do I daemonise Gitit and make it run permanently?[hr]

Hmm, it’s because all the URLs are not aware of the /gitit slug. For example:

should be: