How to set up FTP users


I’m not sure if this is possible here but it was on my old host…

I want to set up my site with 4 domains. I want my one master FTP user to be able to see every site…but I want to set users so they can only access thier site.

Basically user “tom” can see user “bob”, “jay” and “mike”…but user “bob” can only see his folder, “jay” his folder and “mike” his folder. Right now if I make all these users I can’t see their directorys from “tom”.

Is there a master user for the account or something that lets me see my entire home directory?



i think u can do that by remapping-subdirectories or something. i read it while i was trying to figure out how to do it but then i stopped reading cuz i ended up not needing to do it.

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Have a read of this section in the WIKI here and see if that helps you at all.