How to set up announcement lists for clients

Hi - I see that it is possible to post to an announcement list only through the Control Panel. How can I set up announcement lists for my various clients to use without permitting them access to my control panel? Is there a way to set them up as users and allow them access only to their section? Or do I need to look outside of DreamHost for other solutions? Thanks for any help. Karen Furst

Your clients can use their own WebID to use the web panel, and you can grant privileges to their WebId.

  1. Create the announcement list
  2. If the client doesn’t have their own webid, create user and then a webid for the user.
  3. Grant mailing list privileges to the webid.
  4. Client logins into web panel

From the Wiki - KB / Account Control Panel / Billing :: Account Privileges

“You can choose to give a web ID access to any specific mailing list of yours, or access to all mailing lists you have. Mailing list access allows a web ID to modify the properties/subscribers to a mailing list as well as to post to the mailing list from the web panel. They can also delete the mailing list but won’t be able to add one unless they have DOMAIN access to the domain they want to add it to. In a way, mailing list access is a sub-set of DOMAIN access.”

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Is there any way I can hook in (programatically) to that section so that my client just needs to write to a normal form and that will do all the work for him?