How to set up an public ftp upload directory?


Hi, I woudl like to be able to set up a ftp folder on my sites domain where people can upload files etc. It has to besecure so doenst comprimise the rest of my site and also doesnt allow people to download files others have uploaded. I this possible?


In the panel, you can set this up under Domains --> Anonymous FTP. Pick the domain from the dropdown box and go from there. (Bear in mind you’re responsible for whatever people upload with regard to copyrights, etc.)

Edited to add: Oh, wait, I missed the part about you needing people not to be able to download. You might need to look around for some kind of software package that would let folks upload?


so that is not a standard thing… ive seen it on many other ftp sites i.e. for people to upload their own copyrighted music to submit to radio stations etc.


also if i set up say a subdomain like, is there any security issues with my site? i.e. can they 100% not get access to the rest.