How to set up A record w/ DH? Keep MX rec w/ Godaddy?

Hi- I recently signed up w/ DH and I’m still trying to find my way around the control panel.

Here’s my problem- I’m trying to move a domain from Godaddy to my DH account. All I want to transfer is the hosting- not email (MX records).

How can I do this?


I have had to do the exact same thing a number of times and there are a number of ways to do this. First though, the following is given under the premise that you are not going to move your domain but simply the hosting.

One way would be to point the nameservers on Godaddy to the dreamhost DNS (i.e. NS1.DREAMHOST.COM,, NS3.DREAMHOST.COM) and then point the MX records for the domain on Dreamhost to wherever you have the email. This may involve an outage of the email during the transfer which is why I found the following solution (i.e. I had clients that had lots of email already going and they did not want an interuption in service).

Another simpler method that I have done a number of times that will not involve any sort of email outage is a follows. You will simply point the “a” record under Godaddy’s DNS panel to Dreamhost. This will keep the domain with Godaddy and keep your email wherever you have it. To do this you need to find out the IP address for where your site is at Dreamhost. Log into the Dreamhost panel, click on “Manage Domains”, and then click on the “DNS” link under the domain. On that page you will find the IP address for the A record. Now log into Godaddy, click on Domain Manger, click on the Domain, under the DNS manager you will be able to update the “A” record with the IP address you got from Dreamhost. Once you make this change it may 24-72 hours to take effect. It will point the hosting to Dreamhost and keep the email where you have it as you are not changing the MX records under the same panel.

Hope that helps.

Please note the above info is given with no guarantees. Be sure to confirm that you have found the right IP address with Dreamhost. I ususally print out the DNS panel screens before making any changes in case I need to change them back.

Note with the above information the your dreamhost servers IP address is subject to change without notice. It doesn’t generally happen often, but if there is a reconfiguration your site will break.

The third option is to use a CNAME record and point it at a NAMED domain at dreamhost. Additional configuration will be required to get the domain name displayed correctly in the browser. This of course requires that you maintain an extra domain name at dreamhost to point your CNAME record. You would just want to carefully configure that application so that the url re-writes to the intended domain. This is commonly used when a 3rd party vendor hosts a portion of a large companies website. If you can’t set the nameservers on the domain to deamhost this is the second best way, becasue if dreamhost reconfigures the actual IP address of your domain, nothing will need to be changed on the go daddy side and your site will not break.

I’m having the same problem I have domain and emails setup at GoDaddy, and my hosting is at Dreamhost. But when I set up the dreamhost my emails at goDaddy stopped working. I changed the MX Record, but the emails still didn’t work.
I don’t know what to do because at the moment I can’t receive any emails or send.
The ones people have send me are nowhere to be found, I need help.
Can someone help me set up this thing correctly.


I have the opposite issue. I just registered my domain with DH and I now need to create an A record to point to my newly created one launch page website with Again, I am not hosting with DH. The instructions I’m trying to follow state to edit and/or create an A Record in what is "often done from a settings panel with a name such as “Edit DNS” or “Zone File Control” . I’m truly clueless as to where to find this in Manage Domains. What else do I need to do besides what I did which is register my domain. Also, the instructions from say that I need to do it for both and I’m just noticing that I registered glassdesignsbyalicia. Had I known, I would have preferred it with the www. When I registered, I naively thought it was going to be www for both. I am a newbie at this so any help is greatly appreciated.

Click the “DNS” link under your domain in the Manage Domains tab.

I found it, thanks. I had to expand the Add New Domain/Sub-Domain link and the last link is DNS. It is asking me for “Domain to host DNS for: (no sub-domains)”. I registered but would like it to be Given the choice, I would prefer both but if I have to pick one, it would be with the www. Do you know if I can change it or just add the www at this point? Thanks so much for your help!