How to set up a Cheap Radio Station

Hi there, a client of mine has some offices and he wants to set up a radio station on Internet, I’m pretty newbie on the topic so I’ve looked for some DH native solution, I’ve seen that QuickTime streaming is not longer available and if I want to use something like SHOUTcast I need to do it by a dedicated server which is out of my budget for this little project by the moment.

Would you please could tell me if there is a way to set up a radio station (No live broadcasting, just music and some recorded ads) trough a shared service?

Is there any problem if I use some kind of software to do it? I mean taking in consideration DH’s shared host conditions or rules?

If I accomplished a solution, how could my other sites be affected by the bandwidth?

Could you give me any advise about how to accomplish this here in Dreamhost or using a third party solution?

Sorry for so many question but I would like to know from you how to do it in the right way and avoid to do something that could piss you off by any rookie mistake.

Thanks in advance for any information that you could provide me on this topic.

I’m not completely sure of this, but I think the only way to accomplish this is to use some sort of live streaming, which I believe is not allowed on a shared machine. Here is the link which I found.

Hi djburner,

Live streaming isn’t really a viable option on shared hosting, as that (and other kinds of streaming) are often very loady on our servers. VPS would be your best bet (and cheaper than a dedicated server for sure!)

From doing a little research, I’d suggest giving these a try on a VPS:

And some more info:

If I’m misunderstanding the type of live streaming you’re going for, let me know and I’ll make new suggestions! :slight_smile:

Pre-record the shows and use HTTP streaming.