How to send a newsletter

Hallo, we need to send long-recipients newsletter (2500+ subscribers), using a php application we built around phpmailer class.
Is there any way to do it in Dreamhost?
Are there any limitations we should look to?


Hi, you should find a good answer on DH’s wiki,PHP&Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List

Basically you should note that there should be a limit of how many email you can send using php. If you use DH own mailing list software the limit doesn’t count anymore.

Please note that I haven’t tried this.

The wiki has this to say about the email limit;

[color=#0000CC]“Websites that send email are limited to 100/hr via SMTP and 200/hr via SSH/SHELL.”[/color]

DreamHost have said that they are willing to vary this limit on a case-by-case basis, given a good enough reason, but as mao said; The DreamHost provided mailing list is not subject to the limitation, so it’s a good idea to use this if possible.


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