How to reward link? has

“Put a link to anywhere on a site hosted with us and we’ll be able to automatically track the signups received through that link and give you credit.”

Does that work for anybody? My tests don’t give click counts in the control panel.

I never tried it, but since it relies on info sent by the browser, I’d stick with putting your ID number at the end, as shown in the first example.

Another advantage to doing that would be that the link should still work if someone scrapes your site, rather than show them as the referring site.

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Are you sure you’re linking from a site hosted by dreamhost? Also, are you sure you’re clicking on a link rather than entering the URL in the address bar? (Apologies for the basic questions, but I didn’t want to make too many assumptions)

Finally, you can read this wikipedia article on HTTP referer to find some ideas about why this info might not be being passed to dreamhost properly.

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It was a firewall.

Can you really link ANY way you want like it says?

"What’s that you say? You don’t LIKE any of these images? Okay Mr. Picky-Pants - make your own! Seriously! You’re welcome to use whatever images or text links you’d like to link back to us. "

There are some types of linking that can be a misrepresentation, and that is clearly described as being “not allowed”.

I’d be a little careful of interpreting "You’re welcome to use whatever images or text links you’d like to link back to us, " so literally as to mean that you don’t have to follow the rest of the stated rules. :wink: contains additional information you might find relevant:

“Gaining referrals through misrepresentation, improper use of DreamHost intellectual property (ie. DreamHost trademarks and copyrighted material) or impersonation of DreamHost personnel is strictly prohibited and can result in loss of accrued Rewards and/or removal from the program.”

If you have a specific question about this, you are far better off asking support directly than relying on information you receive here, as we are all just customers like yourself. :wink: