How to restrict access to blog?


I am still in the “Trial” mode on dreamhost. I have created a blog through the “one click” on “wordpress”: The blog is intended to be accessed by the users that I create through the wordpress dashboard only. However, my initial testing shows it is accessible by the general public in my testing. How should I implement the access restriction?

Previously when I created a blog on, the option for “private” was quite obvious. When I created this new one through dreamhost, I didn’t see such an option.

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Looks like no one has any clue to my question.

On the wordpress site admin page, under “Settings/Privacy”, I have two options: Allow the site to be visible to everyone including the search engines, or block the search engines but still allow normal visitors. Why is there no such option as “Block unauthorized visitors”?

I can also edit every post to change its visibility from “Public” to “Private”. But I don’t see a place where this can be set as default for every post. Does the administrator need to go to every new post to set its visibility?

Or perhaps these are questions for

i doubt you’re going to get a whole lot of answers in a 4 hour timespan on a weekend, but anyway…

look for some WP plugins to do what you want. There are many out there and I’m sure one will do what you want. Of course, to do that, you’ll need to pay so you can customise it. Another option is hiding the entire site behind an htaccess-based login.

Personally, I just mark my private posts as private and then, mostly, only other users can see them.

Thank you for responding. You are right that it is weekend and I should be patient.

I have checked WP help and read that the “Admin/Settings/Privacy” page, there should have been a third option that allows all posts to be private. Besides, none of the listed plug-ins states that it can control the visibility so your suggestion will not work.

Now I am speculating that this option is not visible to me for one or more of the following reasons: a) The option is hidden because the site is still in “trial” mode and I would get the option once payment starts; b) it was dreamhost policy that a site must be visible to the public at all times, and so it can never be made private; c) it is a technical problem (which I doubt).

Whatever the reason, it is better that the point be made explicit in the terms of service (or perhaps it is and I missed it).


Sorry, I think you are missing my point. You have a free website, so your options are limited. If you pay, then you can control it how you want, including access to thousands of pluggins for wordpress which you can find on the website, not from your website’s dashboard. You should look for a plugin that meets your needs at the wordpress website. I’m sure you will find one. if you want to use it, however, you’ll need to pay dreamhost for an account so that you can customise wordpress.

Thank you really for replying to me.

But think about it further: that option is obviously hidden. It is already available free of charge for a blog site created directly on It is not visible to a user who creates the blog through dreamhost and who would start paying dreamhost after two weeks of trial anyway. Does this make sense?

As for plug-ins, who would want to create a plug-in to give a feature that is already provided free of charge by wordpress?

But my main point is that it could have been made clear by dreamhost that either this option is not available because of this and that, or would be available if you do this and that, so to save the trouble for all beginners.

Dreamhost is not I have a paid account at Dreamhost and use wordpress and I’ve never seen the function you describe built into the basic wordpress package without adding a plugin. I would suspect that the version of wordpress offered on is not a bare-bones installation but rather a customised version.

I’m really amazed at some of the complaints / comments that have been coming through the boards recently regarding these free apps Dreamhost is now offering. What do you (not you, but I mean people who are using the free apps in general) expect from a free service? If you don’t like it, then there are other free services available such as the free blogs on In fact, if you like the idea of having a social aspect to your blog (followers, easy integration with other blogs, etc) wordpress and blogger are probably the way to go. Setting up a blog on DH makes your blog a bit of an island.

Dreamhost also offers a 97 day money back guarantee, so if you (again, not you you, but everyone you) want to see what you get for paying, then try it for a few weeks and then ask for your money back. No one loses anything.

I’d suggest that, if you think Dreamhost is somehow hiding some functionality, then you download LAMP/WAMP/MAMP or whatever you like, install a fresh copy of wordpress from, and see what the full version offers on your own local machine.

I’ve moved all my development work to my laptop (rather than a hidden subdomain) and it doesn’t take much to do it. 30 minutes top. Let us know what you find.

Calm down friend. Please re-read my posts to see if there is any element that sounds like “why am I getting a lousy deal”. I am only trying to get the answer to a technical question, and giving a suggestion to make Dreamhost even easier for beginnners.

Let me side track and make a point about “free apps”. I believe most businesses that offer free use of their products and services for any length of time are doing so because their business model is so designed, and not because they are running a charity. By making the “basic/entry level” of their products and services free, they build a customer base that would eventually pay for other products and services and bring in profits. So when you (yes “you” who are using the free apps in general) make a polite and reasonable complain, you are helping that business improve.

there’s no hidden option.

wordpress is a site designed to link blogs together in a social sort of way. DH is a hosting service that doesn’t care what you put on their server as long as you abide by the TOS. wordpress has added functionality to the basic wordpress program (don’t confuse the website with the program) to make their website a collection of blogs. If you think there is something hidden, then please install the program on your computer and take a screenshot of this hidden feature to share with us.

I’m calm, but I think it’s a bit ludicrous to start speculating about why a standard wordpress installation on DH doesn’t make your blog exactly the same as the free blogs on wordpress and concluding that DH is somehow hiding something. Where’s the evidence?

Please see the following and note the difference between (the website) and (the software):

Thanks for the help. Now these are the really helpful explanations.

Lastly, about “speculation”. Read my post again. I said “the option is hidden”, not “Dreamhost is hiding something”.

Case closed!


[quote]Now I am speculating that this option is not visible to me for one or more of the following reasons: a) The option is hidden because the site is still in “trial” mode and I would get the option once payment starts; b) it was dreamhost policy that a site must be visible to the public at all times, and so it can never be made private; c) it is a technical problem (which I doubt).

Seems like speculation to me, but anyway, (software) will not instantly give you (website) without a little magic dust.

Let me put the speculation to rest, then: We do not restrict the functionality of accounts in any way during the trial period. We certainly don’t restrict the functionality of software that you install to such an account, either!